Tuesday, July 28, 2009

History of Human resource management

I have been researching few days to find out,from where the HRM had its first existence.After a detailed research i was able to find the answer to it.

The history of HRM can be traced to England before 1900,where masons,carpenters, leather workers and other crafts people organized themselves into guilds.They used their unity to improve their work conditions.These guilds became forerunners of trade unions.However many key concepts of HRM came from the USA.

Before 1900,most hiring ,firing,training and pay adjustment decisions were made by individual supervisors.The scientific management studies conducted by Frederick W.Taylor and others,beginning in 1885,helped management to identify different ways of doing work and to increase the work productivity.

The HRM field further developed with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in 1870s.The Industrial Revolution began with the substitution of steam power and machinery for time consuming hand labour.Due to the Industrial Revolution,working conditions,social patterns and division of labour were significantly changed.

As organizations grew larger,many managerial functions such as planning ,recruitment,selection,placement and purchasing began to be performed by specialists.Now HRM is the backbone mantra for almost all organizations.

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